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Is our recovery program right for you?

As a recovery community, our desire is to help each other along the journey. We are not just an apartment complex giving people a place to live. Our desire is to create a community that can help each other and live life together. In order to do this, we need to be on board with some basic things. 

Cost: $500/month

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have any scholarships or funding available. Please connect with your social worker, a local church or organizations that may assist with the program fee. 

About the Area


We are located in Crivitz, WI, in Marinette County. We are roughly 45 min north of Green Bay and 30 min West of the City of Marinette.


We are a small town with a big heart. The community is committed to supporting local business, its schools, veterans, and its community as a whole. 


We are in the heart of beautiful outdoor adventures. There are over a dozen waterfalls and hikes available, local outfitters for whitewater rafting, lots of lakes and rivers for fishing and camping. 


Our facility, itself, has waterfront property on the Peshtigo River, offering serenity and a healing connection to nature. 

We have opportunities to work in our gardens and enjoy our chickens.


Sometimes, you might wonder if you are on vacation or in the real world!

Email us for an application

Do you desire to live in a community of people on their journey of recovery, attempting to live a sober lifestyle?

Our commitment to sober living, avoiding unprescribed drugs and alcohol will help all of us here to stay sober.  No alcohol or drugs are permitted in or on the facility grounds.  There are designated smoking areas outside. 


Are you willing to participate and create Safe social opportunities?

A large part of recovery is growing healthy relationships, which we understand can be scary or uncertain. The PRC offers safe social activities that encourages one to connect and begin to grow healthy social skills. However, this requires our willingness to participate and make it safe for others, as well.


Are you willing to help out and try new things?

Service work is a huge part of maintaining sobriety, keeping us engaged in positive activities over destructive ones. Being willing to try new things is also important, as what we attempted in the past, typically has not worked for us. 


Do you have any legal restrictions limiting your ability to be around children?

This facility also serves the community at large, where children will be present. 


If you are coming from an inpatient program or incarceration for substance use, are you or will you be enrolled in an outpatient treatment program?

This is vital to prevent relapse and assure the best health for you and those living here in the community. If you are further along in your path to recovery, this may not be required. 


Will you commit to weekly recovery meetings and sponsorship or counseling?

This, too, is also vital for everyone on the path to recovery. We offer weekly meetings and sponsorship opportunities here onsite; however,  you are welcome to connect with other meetings, sponsors, and counselors you may feel most comfortable with.

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